• Voice Logger Package

Intellicall voice logger package contains USB device/PCI Card, connection cables and software installation CD. Installation is very easy, the device will be installed in your existing PC, telephone landlines will be connected parallels and CD contains driver & application software.

  • Recording Lines

You can record analog landline phone, analog/digital extension, FCT and PRI line. Telephone recording system is available from 1 port to 128 port. Voice logger price depends on number of lines or extensions that can be recorded and whether it is analog or digital.


Our experience and aptitude assures customer to have advance solution with best price along with one year replacement warranty.


1, 2 and 4 port voice logger is USB device and 8, 16 and 32 port voice logger is PCI card. For installation, connect recording device to PC, it will auto detect found new hardware wizard, insert Intellicall CD and follow instruction


PDF Voice Logger Installation
  PDF Voice Logger Manual  

PDF Voice Logger Features
Standalone Voice Logger 8-16 Port Standalone Voice Logger Digital Voice Recorder
1-2 Port Standalone Telephone Recorder 8-16 Port Standalone Voice Logger Digital Voice Recorder



Intellicall3.0 Voice Logger features


Crystal clear voice recording for incoming & outgoing telephone calls

Incoming-outgoing-missed call bifurcation. DTMF & FSK format Caller ID supported.

On screen console displays phone line status. Busy, free, ringing, disconnected phone line status display

  Live call monitoring - call barging

Call log search by date-time, Incoming -Out going numbers, phone book name, duration & more information

Play option - fast forward, backward, stop, pause, volume control & auto play

Input note or flag recording to remember. Phone book for customer name entry

WAV & MP3 voice file format recording and conversion

Call list print out and export in MS excel format

LAN supported & password protection. Multiple user rights allocation like view only, delete record protection, exit program restriction, user wise channel allocation. User log creation.

Remote call barging (live monitoring) & play recording features through internet

Advanced compress technique to reduce file size, 800000 minute recording in 80GB Hard disk. Allocation of hard disk path for recording data file

Number filter for stop recording on selective number like home no, personal no

Auto gain control (AGC) technology for clear voice recording

Trunk wise time scheduled recording. Backup facilitate.

Incoming call popup displays caller information

EPABX supported. Up to128 trunk/extension simultaneous recording in single PC

Easy to install & user friendly interface to operate software

Connection - trunk line wise RJ-11 Jack

Minimum Computer system requirement: Pentium-4, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard disk & available PCI/USB port

Operating system support: Win XP, Win 2000, Win 2003, Vista, Windows 7

                                                                         Technical Parameter 


Input: 1 to 128 Channels Average Search Path: 39 MS

Impendence: High impendence > 100K ohm Compression Ratio: 10%

Signal to Noise: 50db Collection Speed: 12.5 Mbits/s

Frequency Response: 300Hz to 3400Hz Power Use: 300W MAX

Digital Mode: GSM Celsius: +5 to +40

Voice Enhancement: AGC Humidity: 5% to 85%

                                                                         Package Contents

1 No. Intellicall Voice Logger (USB/PCI)

1 No. USB Cable for USB Device / Card Connection Cables for PCI Card

1 No. CD for Installation of Driver & Application Software



Download Voice Logger Brochure Download Voice Logger Features


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