Many people think the voice logger as only a tapping device or telephone recording device but in fact voice logger is used for keep records of important calls which helps to increase security, training purpose, decrease errors and improve service quality

 Application Fields

Authentic Solution offers cutting edge voice logger system in the areas of stock brokers, collection agencies, call centers, commodity brokers and trading-manufacturing companies by supplying quality products complemented by efficient, proactive services.

We also provide solution for projector, answering machine, digital voice recorder and GSM FCT


Voice Logger -A need for your business

Every businessman believes that 80% their inquiry, order booking, payment commitment and complaints are made over phone. These conversations are important for your business and you often require record calls. Intellicall Voice Logger records telephone calls in your PC


Voice Logger records calls of your tele-marketing callers, trading agents, customer care and verification department. You can solve dispute and avoid communication gap with your customer. Moreover, you can reduce high bills by avoiding misuse of phone. Intellicall provides telephone recording list-call log with date-time, incoming-outgoing numbers, duration and more information


Voice logger software telephone recorder is very easy to install. User friendly software provides easy control over call recording, call barging, telephone line status, quick record searching, detail reporting, backup facilitate, LAN access with user right and remote client over internet. Intellicall supports analog trunk lines, FCT, (Fix cellular Terminal) line, analog/digital extensions of EPABX and PRI Line for recording

 Self Installation

One of the most useful feature of Intellicall, it is easy to install and easy to use. Install the USB/PCI device in Windows PC and connect the landlines or extensions of intercom parallel using RJ11 phone jack. Install driver & application software using CD. Thats all; your system is ready for recording

You can install Intellicall in your existing PC yourself so overall cost of solution goes down. Voice logger records telephone calls directly on hard disk of computer therefore you can record thousands of calls depending on the size of hard disk. 80 GB hard disk can record 800000 minute recording


Authentic Solution is professionally managed company committed to provide highly reliable & stable voice recording solution to customer.  Remaining the topmost voice logger supplier-manufacturer company in India, we are pleased to serve our customer

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